Training for my first Marathon

I know it is been almost nine months without updating my blog…


After the finish line of the amazing Half Marathon I ran in Geneva (May 6th 2012) I felt without a goal. I felt as emptied of any target…


I surely kept running, but in a lazy way… no more training programs, no more countdowns to races.


I started biking as well: I started road biking. During the past summer I used to cycle for 200/300 km per week with my bike, a Bianchi via Nirone 7. i discovered another very pleasant dimension of endurance. I put aside the running… since…


Since I decided to finally train for the marathon I want to achieve from the day I started running. I scheduled the race for April 7th, for the Milano City Marathon 2013.


Now or never! I told to myself.


So I planned 16 weeks of training (it is my very first marathon so I want to take it without hurry). I bought a camelback pack, thousands of glucose packs (!!!), vital elements for a diabetic long distance runner.


So far, my legs are responding very well to the huge amount of kilometers I run every week. So far I did not experienced any hypoglycemia during my long runs: one glucose pack every 8-10km actually keeps blood sugar level under control.


So far all is going on perfectly.

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