Next Mission: Geneva Half Marathon!

I will run the Geneva Half Marathon on May the 6th. My second 21,097 km…

This time I have two targets:

1) I want to finish the race without any hypoglycemia.

2) I want to do better than 1h56m48sec, my last and only timing on 21,097km.

How I will try to accomplish my objectives?

First of all, I will bring more glucose gel packs in my pockets: at least 4 as in my first half marathon 3 packs weren’t enough. I will probably try to drink more sweet drinks at refreshment points: Gatorade or whatever else. I prefer to have high blood sugar level than low.

Besides, I will train giving more attention to speed workouts, tempo run and repeats, to gain endurance at a faster pace. My target is to cross the finish line in 1h50m. I think I have the possibility to do that considering that at the Milan’s half marathon I suffered a lot last three kilometers because of hypoglycemia and because that race was my first 21km.

I will definitely try to push the pace this time. Now that I know I am able to cover that distance I will be certainly more comfortable in doing this.

The day after tomorrow, once my recovery time from Sunday race will be finished, I will begin to train more enthusiastically than ever.

Let’s go for another mission!

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