Insulin Runner’s Relay Milano City Marathon 2012

It was raining, it was cold and windy, but it was great to run with all my team partners.

It was an amazing result.

Without hypoglycemia on the records!

Final team timing is 3h28m51sec and legs individual results are:


1st             13,5km             1h01m07sec

2nd           10km                46m57sec

3rd            10,7km             50m30sec

4th            8                        50m51sec


Overall team position: 422nd on 2207 relay teams. A good job!


So, really, it was a great achievement for us all. Besides, it was a magnificent result for me, and the first personal racing satisfaction since I run. A lovely feeling!


I ran the third leg and I am really happy for my timing. Even though my right foot was in pain from the beginning of the race (I really don’t know why) I pushed strongly all the way, trying to forget the painful discomfort. I ran at 4’55” per km, a good pace I think, specially if compared to my first 10km on October 2011 when my pace was 5’26”. The pain the bothered me all along the way allows me to hope for an improvement for next 10km I will race, without this suffering I will be certainly able to run faster, focusing for a better timing.


Anyhow, it was a wonderful experience and for sure I will race again the Milano City Marathon Relay next year.


The 2013… the topical year when I will run (hopefully) my first marathon.

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