Considerations About My New Training Program & Diabetes

Running more kilometers, running more often (5 times per week), running faster, but running less per session. This is how I am training now, targeting the third leg of the Relay Milano City Marathon on next Sunday.

Since I started this new training program, from two weeks, I can immediately feel improvements on my fitness, on my agility, on my legs rapidity and self-confidence. Nowadays I split my weekly kilometers in 5 sessions instead of 3/4 as I used to do before when I had to run a long run on Sunday but also on Wednesday when I ran between 10 and 12 km. Twice a week I used to increase hypoglycemia risks due to long endurance runs. And, actually, it was exactly the case: very often I had hypoglycemias on Wednesday and on Sunday after training, or during.

My new weekly training program is focused on the Half Marathon I will run in Geneva on May the 6th, passing by the relay I will run on next Sunday:

Monday: recovery or cross training.

Tuesday: 6 km – easy run.

Wednesday: 8 km – repeats or tempo run.

Thursday: 6 km – easy run.

Friday: 6 km – repeats or tempo run.

Saturday: recovery or cross training.

Sunday: 14/18 km – Long Run.

As you can see I prefer to concentrate my training on quality training, on rapidity, because I will run just 11.7 km and I will have to give everything on this distance and run as faster as I can.

In conclusion, as now I run shorter session during the week I feel more comfortable with my diabetes and with hypoglycemia risks. It is very rare in fact to experience low sugar blood situations when I run less than 10 kilometers.

It will be very interesting to study how my body will react when I will train for the first marathon of my life, with all long runs connected, probably on March 2013.

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