Easter Running in Liguria

Last Sunday I had one of the most beautiful run since I started running. I was in Liguria, near Savona, and the weather was really perfect, the classic spring mild climate that runners do love so much, sunny and fresh.

I began my training, a long easy 14km run, on the seaside near Bergeggi, Torre del Mare, and I headed towards France. At the beginning I thought it would be better running along the coast because the path would have been easier, flat. But once arrived in Noli Ligure, at the 8th kilometer, I couldn’t resist, so I changed my plans and I headed to the hills surrounding Noli Ligure, “enjoying” 200m of elevation gain.

Running in the inland I discovered such amazing places and the suffering of the panting run was completely legitimate from the beauty of the landscape I could appreciate. I had the chance to find on my way a lovely church overlooking the sea and the Castle of Monte Ursino built on the 10th century. Even though the training was tough, as I am not used at all to running with such an elevation gain, I really enjoyed it because of these architectural encounters.

I ran on a panoramic path to come back to the start, to the place I was staying, to enjoy a hot shower and the Easter lunch with all the family together.

Finally, I was supposed to run for 14 kilometers but once I ended the run my GPS was saying my training was 16 kilometer long. I was really surprised: two more kilometers without realizing it.

This time, even though the training was intense, I did not experience any hypoglycemia.

This is the beauty of running.

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