Running in Paris


I am back in Paris for the week end. Here I lived for six years. Here I started running 9 months ago.

I really miss Paris. I miss everything of it. I miss it much more since I began to run.

Running in Paris is poetry. It is actually amazing to run as it comes, without a defined destination, just following the green of traffic lights and discovering unseen places and romantic views.

Yesterday I wasn’t suppose to train (this is the resting week before restarting seriously to train) but I really couldn’t resist to do it. So I wore my shoes and I went for a jog in the late afternoon. Weather was perfect, sunny and fresh…

I ran on the quais of the Seine, the river crossing the city, I ran at the Jardin des Plantes (the park where I used to train), I kept running until Bercy, always following the river. After that, I made a u-turn and I ended up running along te Saint Martin Canal.

Just few kilometers to rediscover once more the Ville Lumiere.

Tomorrow I will have to sadly flight back in Milan, where I will start my new training program, where I will run while thinking about Paris.

Maybe one day I will run my first marathon here… It could be a nice idea.

Goodbye Paris, see you very soon!

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