On the Starting Line for my First Half Marathon

I have my racing bib! I went today to the Stamilano Center in Piazza Duomo to collect the race pack and to get in the mood for my first Half Marathon. But, I must admit that, even though I am really excited my feelings are kind of contradictory.

I have been training for this event since late December 2011, improving mileage step by step without pushing it too much; but so far I never ran for 21km. The longest training session I did was on 18km distance and once finished I was completely exhausted, with no more energy left in my body.


Besides, during last week I had a light pain, although very bothering, at my biceps femoris muscle. So, to make sure I will be able to race on next Sunday, I did not run the last long training session (16km) and I took some days off. Now the pain is almost gone, but I was lying on the couch for 5 days.


I am wondering: will this incident affect my physical shape and my first Half Marathon?


Also, since I never ran such a long distance, I actually do not know how my blood sugar level will react to the last part of the race. I just have very clear in my mind that I will eat a glucose pack every 7 km while running. I hope this measure will keep under control any hypoglycemia danger.


Anyhow, posterity will know! Very soon…

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2 Responses to On the Starting Line for my First Half Marathon

  1. RunningMoose says:

    I don’t think I ran more than 18k either before my first half. The 5 days off should be ok; it gives your body extra recovery time. Go for a short run (less than 5k) a few days before at an easy pace and about 2-3k the day before just to spin the wheels. I can’t help you with the hyperglycemia (sorry) but bring an extra glucose pack with you just in case! Best of luck-distance running can be addicting!!

  2. stagewest says:

    You’ll do fine, I’m sure! For a cycling race, I like to get in about 20 or 30 minutes of higher intensity about 3 days before an event to prime the cardio system. The day before, as the previous post suggests, get in a light workout.

    For insulin, I cut my fast acting dose by about 50% before a race, and notice that with adrenalin and the race effort, my sugars tend to run a little higher (150 to 175 mg/dl) which seems to be a good range for me for race effort. Carry glucose with you, but avoid taking it unless your really need it. Instead, use gel packs and your usual hydration/electrolyte mix, as they’ll go down easier and even out your energy level. Just my 2 cents! Good luck!

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