Long Training Run & Light Hypoglycemia

Yesterday I ran my last long training run before the first Half Marathon of my life.

Click here for training details.

I think I am really ready and I definitely  cannot wait to run this race I am waiting since at least 3 months.


Even though feeling were good, Even though I ate sufficiently two hours before running to avoid THE danger, I experienced another hypoglycemia crisis, luckily an easy one, at the ninth kilometer of the training session.

This time, as I said I had the chance to incur in a manageable Hypo-crisis. I just felt somewhere inside me something different, a kid of foggy feeling, but this time I could put one foot after the other.

As a matter of fact this time I did not stop running (Crazy me! Please don’t follow my stupid example). I kept going forward, obviously reducing my pace, because I had the feeling this was a light one and I immediately swallowed both glucose packs I had in my pocket.

After that I had to run almost 300/400 meters to feel the glucose of gel packs getting in my system. One kilometer later I increase again my pace and I clearly felt almost all right. 1,500 meters after the glucose doses I completely forgot the crisis and I started running again as I was doing before the hypoglycemia.

Eighteen kilometers were tough… but now I know I can run the Half Marathon.

If only all hypoglycemia crisis were easy like that!

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2 Responses to Long Training Run & Light Hypoglycemia

  1. Do you carry a meter with you for your long runs? I know it’s a pain, but I throw a One Touch Ultra Mini, a lancet, and a few strips in my SpiBelt on my long days. If you haven’t done it, it’s also worth occasionally practicing testing on the move. At this point I can test at a 7 minute per mile pace! 🙂

    Great job, and I’m glad you were able to recover from the hypo!

  2. Insulin Runner says:

    😀 I will follow your precious advice! I will bring the meter with me for the next long run 🙂

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