Countdown to my First Half Marathon

Time has come! Two weeks remaining for my first 21k. The die is already cast.

It has been since January the 1st that I am training for this target. Whatever I will do in the next 19 days it will not improve very much my physical conditions.

I just want to be on the starting line. And run towards the finish.

But it is not so simple… I still have a lot to do before crossing the white line on 21km097m.

I will have to control my diet and taking care about my weight.

I will need to avoid injuries.

I will have to finish my training program.

I will have to be on the track on March 25th at 10:45.

I will have to control my pace during the race, without pushing, easily, towards the finish line, smoothly.

I will have to run the distance in less than two hours, this is my declared goal.

Otherwise, shame on me.

I will have to hydrate my body while racing. Even before.

I will have to eat glucose gels to keep under safety control my blood sugar level: one/two tablets each 8/9 kilometers.

I will have to improve my pace after the 14th kilometer.

I will need endorphins.

I will have to sweat.

After all, I will just be a happy runner.

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