Running and Diabetes

It has been almost a year since I started running. It was on May 2011 in Geneva when, after a copious lunch with friends, I decided to go out for a run to burn some calories. After 15 minutes I was totally dying. I did not even have a pair of running shoes; I was totally naïf on the subject.

From that day I ran almost 800km, I race a 10km in Lausanne, and I got completely hooked, at the point to schedule three half marathons for 2012.

Certainly, first runs were difficult and tough but I obstinately persisted and today I must admit I am enjoying it more and more.

At the beginning biggest difficulties, a part the suffering linked to running itself, were connected to my diabetes. It was not simple to balance insulin doses with my new training activity: because running put me, during every training, in the danger of hypoglycemia. I already had for sure some hypoglycemia-events and I want to make sure it will not happen again, specially not during the next Half Marathon I will run.

Obviously, I always carry something sweet in my pocket (sugar bags, glucose gels) to prevent any problem, this has to be the holy rule for a diabetic runner. Besides, I always test blood sugar values before and right after a training session, to feel comfortable with the upcoming effort and to keep everything under control once finished.

Nowadays I am training for my first half marathon, therefore my weekly mileage increased a lot, as the hypoglycemia danger connected that is surely stronger now than before. I just imagine all traps I will have to deal with when I will train for my first marathon, maybe and hopefully next year.

Anyhow this is my challenge: I would like to achieve at least one 42k in my life.

This blog will tell the story of my personal road to the marathon.

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5 Responses to Running and Diabetes

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  3. Rebecca says:

    I just found your blog.
    I don’t have diabetes, but my mother contracted the disease when she was 14, so I grew up with it first hand, and know all the horrible ins and outs of hypoglycemia and its other complications. My mom was not very in control of her disease and so now she has MAJOR health issues.
    Recently my niece at the age of 9 was diagnosed.
    I am a marathon runner.
    I raise money with JDRF, and I am trying to empower my niece.
    She wants to be just like her aunt and run races too but is scared because of her diabetes.
    I just want to thank you in advance for this blog and sharing your experiences.
    I am going to share this with my niece.

    Good luck with your training! 🙂

    • Insulin Runner says:

      Thank you Rebecca for your meaningful comment.
      I hope your niece will find the strenght to be a runner as you are.
      I am a beginner, but I must say that running really helps to get over difficoulties in life.
      I am sure that your niece will find the way to manage diabetes, and that she will follow the running path of her aunt. Tell her not to be scared because of diabetes, she has to be the master of that desease, and she will certainly be.
      I really respect marathoners, I would like sooner or later to be one of them.
      Thank you so much.
      All the best and good luck for everything!

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